Dining Room Furniture Buying Guide

Dining room is considered as the most important place in your family because it’s not only about eating but it’s the only family time of the day when everyone is together, eating, talking and laughing. So, isn’t it supposed to be the most joyful and amazing place? Doesn’t it deserve the most beautiful and comforting furniture? If you reside in Australia and looking for nearby furniture store Sydney, then you can easily some really good options for your dining room.
If you do not want to spend a lot of money on buying the complete dining suite then you can opt for individual pieces too.

Here’s a complete guide book for you to help selecting the perfect dining room furniture for your home:

  • Firstly, if you are looking for individual pieces then make sure your design feature such as the shape shall match. For example, for a round table you should go for chairs which have round backs.
  • It should certainly match your lifestyle. For example: if you are a family of young members then go for hard wearing options for furniture as they don’t stain easily.
  • Try keeping neutral colors if you live in rented accommodation for future uses.

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Dining table is the heart of your dining room and of your home too. So, to start with the number of members in the family, each member will require a space of about 50cm. For a small dining room, a round table is preferred as it takes small space yet adjusts all the members of the family. However, the extendable tables can accommodate guests when it is required.

Dining chairs can either give you enjoyable meal time or make it uncomfortable experience for you. Ideally the dining room chairs are from 20″ to 24″ deep for a comfortable experience. For the chairs with arms add another 10cm for more comfort. Low back chairs are more suitable for young children while high back chairs are preferable to elders and it also occupies more space. You can easily find a wide variety of chairs in your nearby furniture store sydney for your perfect dining room.

A great place to store your expensive Chinese dinnerware or crockery, glassware set and all drinks is your sideboards & buffets. Go for something that fits everything. If you have small dining room then a buffet which have sliding doors will take less space.

Moving forward from the overall structural features to the look and feel of the dining room, consider warm shades for traditional look and very dark or pale looks good for modern feel. For a more modern, spacious and contemporary look go for glass table tops. Marble adds more luxurious feel, in fact you can take from any assistant in any furniture store Sydney you visit.

For your glass material, use glass liquid glass cleaner and wipe it with newspaper. Keep the wooden material away from sunlight and dust them with dry cloth regularly. Use leather care products to clean your leather material.

So this is the easiest guidebook for designing your happiest place in home, that is, undoubtedly your dining room.