A Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting the House When Vacant

Wherever you go, you will see empty houses either because their owners are waiting to sell them or they have second homes. Sometimes a house is left vacant because it is in probate. In most cases, a house is unoccupied because the owner is traveling a lot. No matter the reason, you have to know that leaving your home empty poses a huge risk.

When you are going somewhere for a long time, it is important that you know what to do to protect your house from damages or losses. When the house is empty, it serves as a hot-item for people with evil intents. This is when theft and vandalism happen. When the house is unattended, you will not know if there are leaky pipes or gas lines resulting in flooding or even fire.

To avoid this situation, here are a few things that you need to do to protect the house when vacant:

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Check your home insurance
Before you leave your house vacant, it is crucial that you check liberty mutual vacant home insurance. Vacant home insurance will protect the house from damages and losses incurred even if you are not there. If you have standard homeowner’s insurance, you have to inform your insurance provider that you will leave the house for a long time so they can suggest something. If you already have a standard homeowner’s policy, your insurance provider may suggest add-ons. If you have a separate policy for vacant home insurance, you do not need to pay for the standard homeowner’s policy.

Enlist a friend
When you are not around, you need someone to check the premises and see if there is something wrong. Enlist a friend or maybe a trusted neighbor to check the house every now and then. You can also look for a property maintenance company to check your property during your absence.

Install a home security system
To protect your house from burglary or vandalism, it is imperative that you install a home security system. There are home security systems that offer remote monitoring of water pipes, windows, and even valuables.

Boost exterior lighting
There are timed and motion light these days. Ensure that you put it all around your house. Do not forget to inform your home security company that your house will be vacant for how long.

Turn off the water heater
No one will be using your hot water heater for a period of time. It is better to turn it off.

Unplug fridge
If you will be gone for the weekend or at least a week, it is fine to leave your fridge plugged but if you will be gone for 30 to 60 consecutive days, it is crucial that you unplug it together with other appliances. If you unplug the fridge, make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly and empty to prevent the spoiling of food whilst you are away.

Leaving a house empty is not an easy thing. While traveling you won’t have peace of mind but if you prepared for it, you will feel better at the end of the day.