Dishonour of cheques and how to find a lawyer to amend it

Has the deadline to submit the fees for a certain task passed long back and no payment has been received? But when you looked deeper into the case, it turns out that the other party had already issued a cheque but the cheque was bounced for god knows why reason. If this is your current scenario, this article is here to solve this mystery for you. This article will chart a course from reasons why cheques get bounced towards whom you should approach for tackling such issues. There are lawyers especially for dealing with cases of bounced cheques. Many top cheque bounced lawyers in Gurgaon will willingly take your case and win it for you. You just have to provide them the right information in the most presentable way.

Cheques are bounced due to lot of reasons. If the signatures in the cheque do not match with the signatures in the bank records, the cheque bounces. If the account was closed or the account number was incorrect or the opening balance was not sufficient then also your cheque will be bounced. In rare cases, the cheques are bounced if the bank doubts the authenticity of the cheque. If the customer dies or if the cheque is issued against the rules/protocols of trust, the cheque bounces. And the cheque is bounced if the it crosses the limit of overdraft or you accidentally/deliberately deposit the cheque in the wrong branch. If your cheque bounced not because of the reasons mentioned above, please contact a cheque bounced lawyer. And yes! Do keep in mind that the cheque expires after three months of issue if not deposited in the bank.

Alliteration is also one of the reasons cheque bounces. If any fraudulent person has made changes to the amount originally mentioned in the cheque or changed the name of the person who issued the cheque or changed the date of issue, then it falls under the category of material alliteration. These cases are serious criminal offense and strict actions are taken on the subject.

Filing a cheque bounce case

Before you go filing a cheque bounce case, first consult a top advocate for cheque bounce in Gurgaon.  To file a case for cheque bounce, you need to have certain documents in hand. If you are even consulting a lawyer, take these documents with you. Original cheque, copy of notice, return memo, original postal receipts and finally evidence affidavit are the required documents. The cheque bounce case is generally filed by drawer (the one who issues the cheque) but in rare case (if needed) the drawee can also file the case. But it will have to file the case under power of attorney. Now, the thing that is to be kept in mind is that the complaint has to filed under the supervision of magistrate and has to be examined under oath.

Now, to solve consult top advocate for cheque bounce in Gurgaon search the web or relatives and friends and decide the one which suits you the best.