Get a Pro Bono Lawyer with the Help of Singapore Family Lawyer

Are you currently facing one of the most challenging times in your life, such as a divorce? Do you need the help of a lawyer that will put your best interests first? If so, you can check out Singapore Family Lawyer. Singapore Family Lawyer provides 100% free consultation from a Singapore lawyer, helping you save a lot of cash in the process. Because of that, they have helped many families overcome this tragedy in their lives. Furthermore, you can seek the help of their pro bono lawyers once you qualify. So if you want to know the benefits and more information of getting a pro bono lawyer, let’s find out below.

A Great Contribution to Those Who Need It

Pro bono lawyers provide their services for free or at a subsidized rate. Furthermore, these professionals will do their best to help you out to their best abilities. Millions of young lawyers will provide pro bono services to enrich their growth and earn more experience. Nevertheless, they have the proper knowledge and skills to fight for your right in court. Apart from that, it gives law firms the satisfaction that they have contributed their help to those who need it. It has its own humanitarian rewards that prove to be priceless.

Singapore Family Lawyer provides 100% free consultation from a Singapore lawyer, helping you save a lot of cash in the process.

Free Legal Aid to Those Who Qualify

They will check your qualifications before you can get a pro bono lawyer from Singapore Family Law to ensure that you deserve it. For instance, they will check if the annual value of the residence you possess is $13,000 or below. Next, they will ask you to provide documents that show your Per Capita Gross Monthly Household Income (PCHI) for the last 12 months before your application is $950 or below. They will also see if your non-CPF investments are below $10,000 for 59 years old and younger. Finally, if you’re 60 years old or older, your non-CPF investments are below $40,000.

Some Things to Expect When Booking a Free Consultation

Singapore Family Lawyer ensures to provide excellent services, even during your first 30-minute meeting. First, they will ask you about your divorce to get an idea of what problems you’re currently facing. Next, Singapore Family Lawyer will be searching for the best lawyer to handle your case. After that, they will provide you with the best solution and guide you to the next decision you should make. Finally, the lawyers assigned to your case already know what kind of options to consider no matter what kind of hurdles your case is facing.

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