A Horse Owner’s Guide To Preparing For Autumn And Winter

It doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you live with your mount; significantly, you better be prepared for the seasons like autumn and winter before they appear. Winters create a lot of problems for the horse owners, and if they are well-prepared for the season, it will be like a piece of cake for them.

A Horse Owner's Guide To Preparing For Autumn And Winter

Though horses are very flexible to the autumn and winter season, you mustn’t ignore the fact of keeping them safe in every weather. In this article, we will share a guide for horse holders to prepare for autumn and winter. Keep reading to know more about it:

Prepare satisfactory lodging

The horse holder must understand that you are providing proper lodging to the horse when it is windy and cold. A three-side covered lodging is a better choice for any horse owner. Unexpected changes in weather can directly impact and can bring change in the behaviour of horses. It is healthier to be well prepared.

Preserve appropriate fitness and training

As soon as the weather changes, you must understand the proper fitness and training of your mount. If you know these things about your mount, it will become easier for you to spot any changes in the behaviour of your mount. As soon as the weather changes to autumn and winter, many horses prefer less training and fitness, but as a horse holder, you must be prepared for these changes and work accordingly.

Preserve proper diet and drinking habits

It is significant to be well-prepared about the diet and drinking habits of your mount before the weather changes. Autumn and winter may call for advanced nutritional food for your horse, so you can provide higher quality hay and add more dices of pellet feed if required. Also, don’t forget to preserve the water intake of your horse as they incline to reduce drinking water when the temperature falls.

Prepare stable rug

Being a horse holder, you should be well prepared about stable rugs for your mount before it becomes windy and cold for them. A horse living without shelter, a rug is a must for that horse to keep their body warm during the cold weather conditions.

These are the basic yet vital points for a horse holder to understand and implement before the strike of Autumn and Winter. These points will make sure that there is no change in the behaviour of your horse, and they feel safe and healthy under these climates as well.