Everything You Need To Know About Gyuto Knife

If you have ever cooked food, you will know how necessary a knife is. It performs all the necessary tasks of cutting, slicing, or chopping up your vegetable. Having a good quality knife is essential for the smooth process of cooking. Here at kichintools, you get the best quality knife called the gyuto knife.

What is Gyuto?

It is a Japanese knife. It is similar to a traditional Western chef’s knife. This knife serves multiple purposes, and you can perform a variety of tasks with its help. As discussed above, it can be used for different cutting techniques. You can easily cut fruits, vegetables, and meat with the help of it.

Its design

gyuto knife

It has a pointed tip which comes in handy for the precision cuts. It is also useful for tight spaces. The flat section is used for chopping, cutting, and mincing. In short, we call it rock chopping where the knife is used from its tip to the base. Tap chopping is another technique done from the tip or middle of the blade. In this, theĀ gyuto knife provides good surface contact with the knuckles. You can use any knife surface to either push cut or pull cut. Compared to the western chef’s knife, the Japanese blade is lighter and thinner. This makes it easy to handle. The balance point is also more towards the tip. Combining all these characteristics, the Gyuto feels much more agile to use. Hence, its increasing demand all over the world. Gyuto knife length ranges from 180 mm to 300 mm. Sometimes they can even go to 360 mm. 180 to 210 mm size range is for cooking at home. The professional chefs wield the size range from 240 to 270 mm.

How to maintain this knife

  • To make sure your knife remains in pristine condition, make sure that the edge of the knife doesn’t bend. To realign the edge, you need to hone it. However, if you are using a hard steeled knife, they don’t bend that easily.
  • You should also sharpen your knife once every two to three months. To sharpen it correctly, make use of a bevel. It comes in handy when the knife is asymmetrical. You don’t want to sharpen it at the wrong angle and mess it up even more.

Keeping these things in mind, you can keep using this knife for the long term.