Looking for cruelty-free Vegan bags? Check out here for more details

Are you a person who does not like bags made out of leather from animals? Then you can choose vegan bags. A vegan is considered a human who completely avoids eating or using any products that come from animals. Everything is great about vegan bags. The most important thing for you to choose is they are not made of animal leather. These bags are made of vegan leather called polyurethane. It is a polymer that can be designed according to the choice of designers. Latest trends on bags are updated on Borboleta website.

Why choose vegan bags?

Vegan bags are cruelty-free bags that are manufactured using a chemical that is exactly the same as leather. They are loved by most women as nobody feels good to use the skins that are extracted harmfully from animals. Following are the reasons to choose vegan bags over leather bags.

  • Cruelty-free: This is the most important reason for choosing vegan bags. Many are avoiding leather bags as the animals are treated so badly while extracting leather from them. There are many women who wish to switch their leather bags with these vegan bags. You can find different styles of cruelty-free and 100% vegan bags on Borboleta.
  • No tanning: There is no such process called tanning in vegan bags. Tanning is a process of might rot when exposed to the atmosphere.

vegan bags

  • Affordable: Vegan bags are more affordable as they are manufactured from chemicals like polyurethane. There is no tanning process involved and hence the cost of such things is reduced when buying a vegan bag. Leather bags are expensive as the leather material is taken from different animals depending on the needs of the customer.
  • Different colors and styles: Different choices can be made while buying a vegan bag. You can have many shades of color options compared to leather bags. Leather bags can be tanned and made only to certain colors. Vegan bags are available in all kinds of styles such as clutches, handbags, tote bags, wallets makeup bags and backpacks.

Features of vegan bags

  • Unique and customized designs: They are available in various styles and designs. They have clutch types, wallets, sling bag models, and so on. Borboleta website is great if you are going to buy the vegan bags. You can even get your customized bag exclusively made for you.
  • Waterproof: Are you looking for a bag that does not damage your things during rains and water splashes? You shall choose vegan bags that are waterproof. You do not have to worry about wetting important papers during rain or mobile phones.
  • Easy to clean: The vegan bags are easy to clean as the design is simple and the material used is great to wash. Some leather bags tend to change color when exposed to humidity and temperatures. But the vegan bags are completely free from these kinds of damages.

Vegan bags are easy to use, maintain and available in different colors and designs. Grab your favorite ones from Borboleta.