Memory Foam Meaning

memory-foam-features Let’s start immediately by clarifying a simple concept: what material is memory foam? It is a dense polyurethane-based foam to which substances are added to alter its density. Nothing particularly complex, but it is an extraordinary invention that has changed the way many people sleep.

The opinions on memory foam are all positive because it is a viscoelastic material, that is, it is able to deform and react to weights in a completely innovative way. The characteristics of memory foam lead this material to react not only to the weight of our body, but also to heat! Basically it is a material that can deform in a different way in each of its points memory foam mattress online singapore.

The material has this name because it is as if it had a memory: that is, it can remember the deformations received for a few seconds. You can try this little experiment directly on any memory foam layer: place your hand, apply some pressure and lift it. You will see that his imprint has remained, which will remain imprinted for a few seconds. The layer will then slowly return to its initial state.

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Why choose memory foam?

You will have already guessed the potential of this material. In each of its points it manages to respond differently to your weight. This means that your head, trunk and legs will have different support. The goal is to ensure that your back can be perfectly straight at night. That is, you will sleep in a much more natural position, which will allow you to rest your legs, abdomen and neck, benefiting from a healthy restful sleep.

What happens when you try to sleep on a layer with these characteristics? Trying to lean on it happens that the mattress deforms and will begin to “remember” the deformation necessary to support our weight. This creates a niche in which, especially for those who sleep on their stomachs, it will be possible to maintain a perfectly relaxed position, reducing all muscle aches and pains. Those who sleep on the side, on the other hand, will finally have the opportunity to avoid those characteristic back pains which, upon awakening, make the day more difficult.

With this happy “niche” that the mattress has given us, especially in winter we will have the certainty of sleeping warm and above all in a comfortable position. But how to do it in the summer ? Being an enveloping material, a small percentage of buyers said they suffer from the heat in the summer. Precisely for this reason it is important to choose the memory mattress with care and paying attention to the guarantee and quality of the product and the raw materials used.