Professional Hair Trimmer For Salon? Here Is How You Can Trim Hair With That Thing

When getting a haircut, the cost can add up quickly, especially if you keep your hair short. Fortunately, using a professional hair trimmer for salon to cut hair isn’t particularly challenging. You’ll need to become familiar with the fundamentals of cutting, such as clipper guard numbers. Then, begin trimming in accordance with the haircut you desire. Learn how to take care of your clippers before continuing with some trimming to achieve a more polished appearance.

Basic of trimming

  1. Preparing to Cut
  • Learn the blade guard numbering scheme. The blade guards on clippers are referred to as “numbers,” because they control how long your hair will be. In general, the cut is shorter the lower the number. For example, a “0” will result in hair that is hardly noticeable, whereas an “8” is one inch (25 mm). For each number between, the blade protectors increase by an eighth of a millimeter (3.18 mm), beginning with 18 inches (3.2 mm) for position “1”.

professional hair trimmer for salon

  1. Take a good wash first.
  • Prior to getting your hair trimmed, wash it to make it easier to comb and to remove any additional bends or waves. Additionally, you ought to use a detangle, especially if your hair tends to tangle.
  • Whether or not to leave the hair wet or dry is up for dispute. To determine which method suits you the best, you can try both.
  1. To trim lengthy growth, begin with the broadest blade guard.
  • Begin with a blade cover set to the greatest length you desire if you want to eliminate a lot of hair. In this manner, you may simply give it a good buzzing before going back and trimming portions. When you need to eliminate a lot of hair, this procedure is extremely effective.
  • Therefore, begin by buzzing your entire head with #4 if, for example, you desire #2 just on the edges and #4 on top.
  • It’s your choice where you begin. Starting from the back or from one end to the other are also options. If you’d prefer, you may also begin at the beginning.
  1. Blend between both the two lengths using a guard.
  • If you’ve used multiple blades, you might have noticed a line separating the shorter and the longer lengths.
  • Use a blade guard in between the various blade guards you’ve selected to aid in fading that out. Therefore, use #3 to blend if you have utilized #2 on the edges and #4 on top. Simply follow the line and smear the division between the pieces.

Our last thought, some cutters also need their inside oiled. Your clippers’ need for this treatment will be specified in your owner’s manual. Although some trimmers have a defined area where you add an oil drop, marked by an arrow, others need you to unscrew a panel. So you should always check your trimmer before giving someone a haircut.