Shopify Product Tags Cause SEO Problems – Get A Quick Fix

Many people will not complain with the ecommerce store that is simple to navigate & is user friendly. However, as the store owner, you must try and stay aware on how the design elements on website will affect SEO for the Shopify & your store’s rankings. Let us look in the common problem of Shopify collection filter using the Shopify product tags, which causes the duplicate content issues.

What’re Shopify product tags?

The ecommerce store has a lot of products and different variations of the product type might need use of the filtering system that will help the user navigate items fast & efficiently. Filtering systems over Shopify are actually based on the product tags. They make use of filtering system based over tags on most of the collections that will help the visitors to filter any kind of relevant colors, product types or sizes. It offers amazing superb navigability and exemplary user experience while navigating the ecommerce store.

Why are the product tags not good for SEO?

For each new tag page made on Shopify the new web address, called as URL, is created. For each new web page created the unique meta-title, page copy and description will be needed to prevent any kind of duplicate content over the store. For the large web site, there is plenty of product tag web pages across several category pages. The pages are actually indexed in Google & other search engines that cause lots of duplicate web pages. Suppose the website has got several duplicate web pages when compared to the unique web pages, this has a chance of triggering Google Panda algorithm, and algorithm that ensures your website is optimized, catered and healthy for the users.

Shopify do offer automated code in a theme to prevent rel=”canonical” – the fancy way to say “Dear Google, refer to the page as page to index on other pages just like this”. But, while it comes about the product filtering tags, rel=”canonical” tag must point to its main category web page that it stems from. It prevents all filter tag pages to become indexed in the search engines & prevent dreaded duplicate web page problem. But, this tag isn’t editable in the Shopify as of now on the web page per page ways.

Why does the issue exist over Shopify?

We see the issue very often on the smaller shops in one type of the drop down menu, which lists various tags for the products in a displayed collection. With a lot of off shelf themes it is overlooked & stays on collection pages for several months.

Capture The store has got the drop down menu with some filtering options on the collection pages. The specific example is bad, as both the filtering options will be displaying same products over different URLs.