Tips on how to pair Gold and Silver Jewellery

Unlike stereotypes, gold and silver jewellery can be worn together – in recent years, this striking stylistic technique has become very popular. Previously, only rich people could purchase gold items who tried to emphasize their status and the presence of silver products would ruin their reputation.  Today, gold jewellery is not an indicator of wealth, many of us value ornaments made of different metals.  Similarly, the cost of silver coins can be several times higher.

How to properly mix and match accessories made of different metals?

  • Stick to the same style when choosing two different metals.  For example, wear two identical pieces, gold and silver from the same jewellery collection of the same time period, often the same piece is produced in several metals as well.
  • To cut down the time invested searching for and selecting accessories, revise your jewellery, compose a few jewellery collections of your own. The presence of such a suitable jewellery collection will allow you to mix products with each other accurately and quickly.
  • The minimalist style is perfect for business meetings, an office where the dress code is observed, as well as for people who prefer a quiet look.  Jewellery when worn in this style is not overloaded with stones or a variety of colours.  Plain and simple products with thin lines and smooth transitions can fit perfectly, in items like chains and bracelets of different lengths, stud earrings, hoop earrings, geometric shaped accessories. The main distinguishing characteristic of this style is the jewellery layering, in which the combination of jewellery made of different metals fits very well.
  • Find out when to stop.  If your look is already full of combinations, for example, combinations of different prints, it is no longer worth it to complicate the look with different metals.
  • Layering is the key.  You can wear different chains, bracelets of different lengths and thicknesses at once.  If you wear the classic watch with a metal strap, it can be combined with another metal bracelet.  Simultaneously, it is important that the bracelet has a strict geometric shape.
  • Don’t be limited to only two types of metals.  Gold can be worn with pink or white or any other colour.  These can be conveniently combined with silver.  The composition can be mixed with a third type of metal, for example, rose gold. Many brides prefer to complement their wedding dress with a hint of jewellery.

Traditional choices at Engagement rings direct include a pearl eye-catching strand, an affordable rings solitaire ring  or a pair of diamond earrings.  Classic pieces like these will forever be cherished and create a solid foundation for a versatile jewellery outfit to last a lifetime.  The bride or groom may also have inherited pieces of heirloom jewellery that they might just want to incorporate with their wedding outfit. To make the wedding day ornaments more special, they can consider engraving it with personal inscriptions such as initials, wedding date or a special message.