Jack Elway Briefly Talks About How His Family Legacy Of Football Influenced His Life

John Albert “Jack” Elway III came into this world in August of 1989.  He was born to a family of quite prestigious and prominent football players.  Due to his family legacy, Jack Elway has always been best known for being the son of John Elway. Jack Elway is a highly accomplished name belonging to the football landscape of the United States, and was even teammates with legends like Terrell Davis and Shannon Sharpe. However, as it is often seen that the genetics of people does not define their way of life or choice of profession. Similarly, after being engaged in the sport of football for years, he ultimately went on to found his very own hat company which has been named as the Mint Tradition.

Jack Elwaysheds light on how he ultimately forged his own career path

Meeting the expectations of the family is not easy for everyone. This is especially true for people who are born in families comprising of highly accomplished and well-known people.  John Albert “Jack” Elway III is one such individual.  Being a grandson and son of renowned football players, there were expectations attached to him right from his birth. He was surrounded by football right from his childhood. To make his family proud, Jack Elway tried his best to make his mark on the football field. He played in the position of a quarterback, similar to his father, at the Cherry Creek High School of Colorado.  He eventually graduated from high school in 2008, and received All-State honors in his senior year. His father, John Elway, in fact, worked as a quarterback coach at the Cherry Creek High School for that time in order to help hone the football skills of his son, and guide him on the field.

Jack Elway

In was in 2007 when Jack Elway was signed to play as a quarterback at Arizona State University, he, however, left the team in 2009. Even though Jack was a decent football player, he did not manage to achieve the kind of excellence and success enjoyed by his father, or even grandfather.  Hence, he chose to forge a career path of his own, away from the field of football.  He founded his own hat company that is named as the Mint Tradition. His hat company largely specializes in high-end and customizable headwear and has gained a good level of popularity. This hat company has especially gained a lot of popularity among football fans, especially after receiving endorsements of several NFL athletes. The products of the Mint Condition was even showcased at the kickoff party of the 2016 ESPY Awards, and this event played a key role in establishing and augmenting their popularity.  In the year of 2009, John Elway commented that he fully backed and supported the decision of his son to leave the sport of football.  Being brought up under the high pressure of achieving success in football was not easy for Jack, and he ultimately found his own calling and started a hat company.