Joe Cipolla Chicago – 3 Basketball Essentials for New Players

Basketball is an outstanding game, and if you want to start out playing the game, the first thing you need to do is get into good shape. You should be physically active and mentally alert when you want to play basketball, as there is a lot of running about to do. You should be aware of the basic rules for a basketball game and ensure you have a good coach for training if you intend to play basketball professionally.

Joe Cipolla Chicago – How should you begin your training?

Joe Cipolla Chicago is an avid lover of sports, baseball, and basketball who resides in Illinois. He says that every sport is good for you, provided you practice playing it daily. When it comes to starting with basketball, he says there is not much needed for you to begin. You must have a good pair of shoes for playing basketball, or else you are likely to suffer from an injury. He lists the following three essentials for a new basketball player-

  1. Invest in the right pair of shoes for a basketball game

He says the game entails a lot of jumping and running. The shoes you buy must give you a cushioned support. Some special shoes offer you further support, especially for your ankles; however, they feel a little heavy when playing the sport. These shoes are called high-top shoes, and there are mid-top shoes that are light in weight, but they do not offer you support for your ankle. In order to choose the perfect shoes, you must decide on the competition and your position as a player on the team.

  1. The importance of warming up before you start playing the game

You must warm up first. This should be done before the game of basketball begins. Warming up will help you reduce injuries and enhances your performance in the game. Note, basketball is very fast-paced and so ensure you warm up adequately before the game. When you warm up before the start of the game, your heart rate increases. Make sure you add some drills before you begin playing.

  1. Practice till you get perfect

Practice as much as you can. He says there is no substitute for good practice. Hard work and dedication go a long way when it comes to basketball’s key skills, like shooting, dribbling, and passing. These skills will help you to improve the game with time. If you are a beginner in basketball, you need to enjoy the game as well. This is crucial for progression and your development of the game.

Joe Cipolla Chicago adds that basketball is so popular that you will find workshops and training camps across the USA. With the help of a serious and good basketball coach, you are able to enhance your skills in the game. Moreover, when you join these playing camps, you can observe the skills of other players and improve your game. Gradually, you will master the sport and improve your weak points too!