Magnificent Mexico City

Mexico City has recently been named the top destination to travel to and as a result, saw a massive influx of travellers to its vibrant, fascinating streets. If you’ve never experienced Mexico, it should definitely be on your bucket list and here’s a few reasons why:

The Food

Mexican cuisine is among some of the best in the world. The street food scene in Mexico, whilst often thought of as a second place to Asia, is incredible and not to be missed. From tamales to tacos and everything in between, you could spend years discovering all the tastes and textures of the capital. If it’s gourmet you’re seeking, Mexico City has an envious restaurant scene too.

The Culture

The art scene in the city has been increasing in prominence over recent years, with many contemporary art galleries located in the central districts. Further, into the outer districts of the city, there are some amazing galleries to be discovered. You’ll find places like San Rafael, Kahlo’s favourite haunt Coyoacan and a vibrant street art scene as well.

There are more than 150 museums in Mexico City, so you’re never short of an interesting, cultural experience. This city, in fact, has more museums than any other city in the world. With so much to see and do, from the world-famous to the more obscure, there’s never any need to be bored in Mexico City.

The Nightlife

Whatever you’re into, Mexico City has a club to cater to your tastes. From the cheap and cheerful to the exclusive and swanky nightclubs of Polanco, from the gay bars of Zona Rosa to reggae and jazz bars. Whether you want a beer or a cocktail, traditional pulque or tequila shots, this huge, bustling city will have a spot for you to let your hair down.


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The Diversity

This is an incredibly vast city that not only consists of urban sprawls but also a surprising number of national parks within the city boundary. There are many places to escape the hot hustle and bustle and relax, rejuvenate and exercise.

The Ruins

History buffs will be spoilt for choice here. As well as a multitude of museums, you’ll discover real-life ancient ruins from some of the most important cultures in human history. Within easy reach of the capital are Aztec, Mesoamerican and Toltec ruins including the Teotihuacan and sculptures of Hidalgo and Tula.