Recruiters have a bad reputation in terms of sorting CVs and are said to spend an average of only 6 seconds per resume to see if they want to go further with a job application or not. Given the large number of CVs they receive for each job offer, it is understandable. In order to increase your chances of getting an interview, give importance to keywords.

Why Should You Add Keywords on your CV?

To save time in screening candidates’ applications, headhunters use digital tools. In some ways,they can act a bit like digital marketers and do a keyword search. In today’s world, recruiters use a special code to help them find reliable job seekers and sift through thousands of resumes more easily. So, you can create your cv now and be wise with the words and phrases you include in it.

Keywords on a CV

The code is made up of a certain number of “words” or “expressions” that a candidate can use to describe their current or previous position in their CV. For example, if you were a marketing manager and a recruiter is looking for someone in digital marketing, the best thing to do would be to have keywords like “SEO”and even “social media” on your resume.If you do not have these keywords in your curriculum vitae and your descriptions are vague, you risk missing out on interesting multilingual job offers abroad.

How to Find the Right Keywords for your CV?

First of all, do online searches. Pay much attention to the job description, the missions and the skills required for the position. Now, you can research the related keywords and put them on your resume when you talk about your career path.Be careful not to overuse them, your CV content must be qualitative and make sense.

Use terms specific to your industry. This is probably the only time the use of jargon will be allowed because you cannot be vague in your descriptions. It is also a perfect way to show the recruiter that you are a true master in the field. If you are looking for a job in web marketing, you can use the word “marketing”, but it is even more effective to add specific words like “AdWords”, “SEO” and “PPC”.

Do not hesitate to use different tools to determine the keywords that will enhance your curriculum vitae. To be sure that you use them correctly, have your resume proofread by a third party.