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How Does a Cloud-Based ERP Software Help Businesses?

The way how businesses operate and work need to be changed with changing environment. How they work today is nothing like how they used to decades ago. New ways and technologies always emerge for better ways to handle a business. After all, running a business is no cakewalk. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is now used by businesses for managing information across all the departments of a company.

While every business is unique and operates differently, there is something common among them all. It is the need of accessing technology that can help them to innovate and grow. Advanced globally connected and updated software help the companies to focus on the core areas for better growth instead of on IT management. And that’s where cloud based erp software comes into play.

Understanding cloud ERP

A cloud-based ERP system is an enterprise resource planning software that is managed and hosted offsite by a vendor. The system puts the burden of maintenance and management on the vendor. It offers businesses to have a seamless updation of software that is included in the initial fees charged by the vendor. With access to the latest software, your company certainly has an edge over the other competitors.

Benefits of cloud ERP

Cloud-based ERP software is becoming more popular than ever before, and businesses are deploying it. There are multiple benefits that it offers to any business, and some of them are the following:

  • Quick updates

Every business wants to use up-to-date technology for getting the best results. With cloud ERP, you need not worry about that as it is automatic that doesn’t require any IT staff.

cloud based erp software

  • Reduced costs

Traditional onsite ERP may cost you a fortune, but that’s not the case with cloud ERP. You have to pay for your plan to the vendor, and other costs involved in IT staffing, maintenance, database creation, etc. are spared.

  • Improved accessibility and usability

As the ERP system is in the cloud, your employees can access the information anytime, from anywhere, using the internet. Thus, helping in creating an agile team with boosted productivity.

  • Security standards

Cloud-based ERP vendors do take the security of a business seriously. Every component of the ERP system is protected with end-to-end encryption. You don’t need to worry about getting your data stolen.

Now that you know in how many ways a cloud ERP software can help your business to grow rapidly, you might not want to delay in getting it.

The new device that quickly bonds plastic to metal

To bond metal and plastic together, you traditionally had to use rivets or bonding adhesives; now, a new bonding gun has been developed by engineers in Germany that enables the two materials to be bonded faster and more cost-effectively.


The main downfall of using metal bonding adhesives is the need to leave the items while the adhesives set, which causes a delay to the next steps of production. The main issue with using rivets is that plastic items are easily damaged using this process. Both processes also require the manufacturer to have to continually pay for more rivets or adhesives, making them costly production methods.


The engineers in Germany have managed to solve these issues by using the HeatPressCool-Integrative (HPCI) process, which involves pinching the thermoplastic and metal items together at the location that needs to be bonded. Inductive heat is then targeted at the location on the metal, which makes the plastic partially melt. This process means that the surface layer of the item made of plastic can bond with tiny anchoring structures etched onto the metal item using a laser. This provides a very secure bond.

The process

As soon as the plastic has cooled and contracted, it creates a bond between the two items. This process takes only a few seconds, alleviating the need to leave the items during the setting process. HPCI does not require the companies to continually purchase material to enable the process to take place, as is needed with metal bonding adhesives and rivet bonding.

When adhesives are used to bond metal and plastic, different adhesives are required for different types of plastic. HPCI does not need to be adjusted in this way, as different plastics are used.

Other applications

The German engineers that created the technology state that this method can easily be integrated into existing production lines. This alleviates the need to completely redesign the production process, which would obviosuly be very costly. As an example, the HPCI guns can easily replace spot-welding guns by mounting them onto robots. Other possibilities include the use of HPCI guns in the manufacture of vehicle bodies and shells and in bonding panels of stainless steel to refrigerators or dishwashers. The possibilities would appear to be endless.