One of the frequented questions is when will a pregnancy belly button pop out during pregnancy. If it has to happen it will eventually. On the other questions were posed to the mother what happens if the belly button did not pop out. Would they be worried in any way? Let us find answers to the popped out belly button

pregnant woman

First and foremost why does the belly button pop out? The abdomen is pushed forward by the pressure of the uterus. This tends to push your belly button forward and in some cases makes it protrude as well. At around week 26, the uterus is at an ever expanding stage and it is known to push forward. But in case of certain women who are outie or a bit skinny this tends to happen in the second trimester of their pregnancy as well. It is at that point that a pregnant woman discovers a popped out belly button.

There is nothing that could be undertaken at the end of a mother. It is both inevitable and harmless at the same time. This is when you had an outie or an inverted belly button to start off the process. Though it may resemble a bit lived in or stretched out, but you can be rest assured of the fact that it is going to come back to the normal position after delivery. Just consider it as a badge of honour that you can spot in a friendly manner. One thing is for sure that there is no relation between a popped up belly button and the gender of the baby. If the belly button does not pop out also there is nothing to be worried about. Many women have not had their belly button popped out and still have gone on to deliver healthy babies.

In case of certain women a defect or hole in the abdominal wall is observed. This could be well before pregnancy as well. When you are pregnant or excess weight is being put on the abdominal region, it does force the hernia to become more noticeable. The hole does become so large that the hernia could pass through it and the hernia does go on to become more painful. In fact at this point of time a bulge is noticed in the umbilical region. The golden rule to be followed is that it is better to wait till you are no longer pregnant in order to repair the umbilical hernia. But if the hernia goes on to become more incarnated what it does point out is that the tissue goes on to become trapped in the defective region and it indicates that it cannot be pushed back in. in such cases surgery is the only viable option.

Surgery is a life changing decision and evaluates the pros and cons of one before you plan for one. It is better to have a one on one consultation with your doctor before you plan for one.