The term “Work Pass” refers to a valid pass required by non-Singaporeans to work in Singapore. It is known as a “Work Visa,” which people require before working in a foreign land. The pass should be valid and pass through the screening process. It is an official document that permits foreigners to work in a particular country. There are various kinds of passes out, of which “S Pass” is the most popular. It allows the staff to have a mid-range level of skills to work in Singapore. For more information, visit the website. Learn more about the different work pass applications & S pass requirement in Singapore here.

S Pass

“S Pass” is a kind of “Work Pass” which permits non-residents and foreigners to work in Singapore if they have a mid-range level of skills. It is mainly used to hire technical staff. To determine the eligibility criteria, the candidates must use the Self-Assessment Tools. Through this tool, the candidates get an indication of whether they are eligible to meet the requirements of the S Pass.

Learn more about the different work pass applications & S pass requirement in Singapore here.

Application Criteria

There is a protocol for applying for the S-pass.

  • Filing the Application– The applicants cannot directly file for the application. The employer or the appointed agent for employment needs to apply on behalf of the candidate or applicant. If the candidate switches jobs or changes the job profile, they will have to file for a new pass because a particular pass is valid only for a particular application.
  • Qualifying Salary– The employees who are registering for the respective jobs in Singapore should have a fixed monthly salary. It should be comparable to the first one-third score of local pay. The range of minimum salaries increases progressively with the age of the candidate. For example- a young man needs a minimum monthly salary of three thousand dollars to qualify. In contrast, an older man needs a minimum salary of four thousand dollars to qualify for the eligibility criteria for applying. However, the candidates applying for S-pass need to have comparatively high salaries if they are going to work in the financial service sector.
  • Duration– The duration of the S-Pass is of two years. The candidates renew their pass every two years to get official permission to work in Singapore. The passes for the family are also available for eligible holders.
  • Medical Insurance– It is a crucial factor in the application process for the pass. The employers need to provide the pass holders’ medical insurance papers.


The work pass ensures that the worker is well informed, skilfully trained, and has proper guidance to work in a foreign country. This minimizes the risk of any potential failure of events from occurring. It increases the manpower of the country and provides good opportunities for employment for skilled persons.