How can I get a VoIP number for my business?

A phone and a number on which customers can reach you is absolutely vital for any business. Even before investments are made in offices, furniture, and more staff, the business has to have a number so that clients can get in touch. Even today, when most businesses have a website, they need a phone number for contact and credibility.

VoIP flexibility

A really new business may be operating out of a bedroom or a garage, but it still needs a phone number. Getting another phone line used to be quite a procedure, from calling a telecoms company to getting them to install the necessary infrastructure. It is much easier with VoIP, as a new line is set up via the internet; even better, when the business grows or you decide to move to another premises, you can take your VoIP numbers with you. The Guardian has more tips on starting a small business.

Going digital

As VoIP uses digital technology, it is easy for a VoIP system to keep evolving and encompassing new innovations. Even now, VoIP can offer all kinds of services that the old landlines did not, such as virtual receptionists, bespoke security measures, and remote working.

Using VoIP can mean a big reduction in the cost of calls, particularly if your business trades internationally; however, not all VoIP companies are the same. When choosing one, you should make sure that they offer business products and can scale up or down whenever the need arises.

Good rates for international calls are a benefit when the VoIP company is also a wholesale VoIP termination provider with a large global network to draw on for competitive rates. A wholesale VoIP termination provider can put together a great package that will generate a significant reduction in the communication costs of your business. Consult an expert in this area to find out more, such as Such an expert will be able to provide lots of options and advice.

VoIP is the telephony solution of the future; however, it delivers lots of great benefits today. As analog technology is phased out, eventually all telephony will be via VoIP and the internet. There is no reason to delay getting to know what this technology can do for your business.