Ram Chary Everi – How Has Graphic Design Changed from The Past

If you travel back into the past, you will find that a few businesses relied on graphic design to promote and market their business messages.  They used expensive traditional media to connect and reach out to their targeted audience. Times have changed, and technology today has reached its peak. The Internet has become an indispensable part of your life, and businesses today are harnessing the power of graphic design to reach out and connect with their targeted audience. Graphic design today has reached such a level that no business is complete without a graphic designer by its side. 

Ram Chary Everi – Why are graphic designers so important for businesses today?

Ram Chary Everi is an avid photographer and freelancer in graphic design. He is from Boston, USA, and says that businesses today need an online presence to get a competitive edge in the market. Graphic design is an effective means of business promotion and marketing of goods and services. If you take a look at graphic design, you will find it is a form of visual art. Graphic designers in the market need to be creative when it comes to designing digital material for their clients. They need to invoke positive first impressions with their creations. They need to ensure that their design is in sync with the core business message of the company so that the targeted audience increases, and the business earns the profits it deserves.

The influx of self-taught graphic designers in the market today

The current digital revolution in the last five years has seen a tremendous influx of talented self-taught graphic designers in the market today. These professionals keep themselves at pace with the current trends in technology so that they can exercise their creativity to its optimal extent. These designers understand the unique needs of their clients and are not bound by restrictions and corporate deadlines. They indeed have time to deliver the final design to their clients, but unlike graphic designers working in web companies, they have the liberty to ask their business clients for the time when it comes to design and creation of the proper artwork.

The new generation of self-taught graphic designers and their contribution to the traffic and profits of a business

Self-taught graphic designers conduct extensive research and look out for inspiration in daily life when it comes to creating the perfect design. They connect with other graphic designers on forums and exchange views and opinions on a daily basis. Most businesses are not resorting to them for the design of their visual media to attract targeted traffic and returns on investment for their business.


Ram Chary Everi says that the market today has a huge demand for graphic designers. In order to become a graphic designer, you do not have to pay hefty course fees at an institute at all. There are plenty of credible resources online. However, it is prudent to work alongside an experienced graphic designer for some time if you really are passionate about your work and wish to be a part of the booming graphic design industry in the market today!