John Eilermann St. Louis Marks the Best Places to Explore In the Region

St. Louis is an extremely prominent independent city present in the state in Missouri. Lying in the western bank of the Mississippi River, this city is also considered to be a key inland port of the US. John Eilermann St. Louis mentions that this region is renowned to be the key cultural center of Missouri, and houses a number of important landmarks. Being a long-time resident of St. Louis, John Eilermann has a good knowledge of the important sites of the region.

John Eilermann St. Louis talks about the places people should visit in the neighborhood

St. Louis is an extremely vibrant city, and there is no dearth of activities to indulge in and places to visit in the region. There are several intriguing sites that the residents of St. Louis can definitely choose to visit during their weekends or holidays.  Here John Eilermann St. Louis mentions some of them:

  • Gateway Arch: This is a 630-foot tall spectacular monument. The Gateway Arch is dedicated to President Thomas Jefferson, as well as his vision of having the continental United States. People can easily take a tram ride to the top of this monument in order to enjoy a great a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful Mississippi River. Here they can also get the chance to watch the interesting documentary titled the “Monument to the Dream.” This documentary basically narrates the story of the construction of the Gateway Arch and the history behind
  • Citygarden: This is a gorgeous urban park and sculpture garden present in St. Louis. Located in the downtown of the city, the Citygarden is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the area. This is a grand 2.9-acre park and is known to be one of the best places for enjoying the weekends at St. Louis. More than twenty pieces of interesting modern sculptures can be found in the park, and many of them have been made by extremely renowned artists. The Citygarden additionally has been designed especially by incorporating the elements of stone, water, and architecture, making it quite an exciting place to explore. Here people can find a 180-foot rectangular basin that has an approximately six-foot waterfall.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden: This establishment is famed for being one of the best public gardens of the planet. It also is among the oldest public gardens of the US. The Missouri Botanical Garden was founded in 1859 and is an expansive 79-acre garden. At this establishment, people can find twenty-five distinctive demonstration gardens, including a spectacular Chinese Garden, and an expanded Victorian garden. There are special activities and classes available around the year at the Missouri Botanical Garden as well, which St. Louis residents can easily participate in.
  • Butterfly House: The Butterfly House and Education Center of St. Louis attract numerous visitors around the year. This is an enthralling three-story crystal palace where people can find more than 2000 butterflies. John Eilermann St. Louis recommends wearing bright colored clothes to this place in order to magnetize the stunning butterflies present here.

People can easily visit the above-mentioned sites of St. Louis with their whole family during the weekends or holidays.