Reel Affair – Why Go Fishing In Merimbula?

Reel Affair Fishing Charters carries out its operations of Merimbula on the south coast of New South Wales. This is just by the coast of Merimbula that lays many inshore reef systems. The continental shelf lies 29 nautical miles away from the coastline. Merimbula is the best spot for fishing Reel Affair is a bridge cruiser that has twin caterpillar diesel engines. It can carry up to 12 passengers and is installed with the latest electronics and fishiequipment and appliances.

Reel Affair is a very practical vessel that provides a stable fishing platform. It brings maximum comfort onboard that includes an electric toilet, electric shower, television, CD player, a deck and a flybridge that offers great deck viewing.

Why choose Merimbula for fishing?

Easy shore fishing

In today’s time, Merimbula is widely known to be a great fishing spot for fishermen and people who are fond of fishing in their leisure time. You don’t even have to bring your boat as you will find great boats on rent and you can experience amazing short based fishing spots. There is a separate beach for salmon and the lake for bream, flathead, whiting and also the occasional tailor.

According to the experts in this area, the best and most ideal time for fishing is when there is a rising tide. You can choose one of many gutters that are up and down the beach. Gutters can be identified by the darker water that is deeper and due to the lack of a breaking wave.

easy shore fishing

The most popular bait for the beach fishing is beach worms. You can find them on the beach and catch them on the beach.  This takes a lot of practice and skill. This mainly because the beach worms are extremely quick, and if missed once, they will be gone in the blink of an eye. Many people find the worm hunting is more thrilling and exciting than catching the fishes. You can take the best tips from someone who has already mastered the art to catch them and can teach you.

Merimbula Lake offers a great and fruitful fishing experience to the fishers. You can even catch the fishes in the low tides near the causeway.  It is extremely simple to fish by the foreshore of the lake. You can find some prime fishing spots here.

Merimbula Lake is also rich of oyster leases.

If you are an expert or casual fisherman, there are boat companies that will cater for individuals, groups, families, business groups, beginners and experts. They will supply all the tackle, good-quality rods and reels, fishing lures, bait and so much more. You can even get complimentary morning tea along with other catering options that are mostly included in the private charters and packages for the customers.