Travel Goals: Why You Should Travel To Disneyland

It is dubbed as the happiest place on Earth — this is what people say when you ask them — why Disneyland? We all grew up to Disney as little kids and had wonderful memories of making ourselves feel like we are princesses and princes and pirates, and oh! Peter Pan! We remember a childhood of watching and then sitting down on a table with teacups as we sip them like it is there. When you were a child, you have always dream of going to Disneyland — a paradise where all our imaginations come true to life. We are all guilty of forcing and crying our hearts out to our parents will bring us there. Here are the reasons why Disneyland is one of the greatest places in the globe:

1. It is magical. You feel it, without any doubt, without the need for any explanation — the atmosphere makes you feel you are living in a magical field.

2. It inspires. It is a place that brings happiness to millions and continues doing so for over 60 years brings all kinds of artistic and heartfelt inspirations.

3. Eat on a Mickey Mouse ice cream cone shape while you wait for Chewbacca.

4. You get the ride of your lifetime. With different options to choose from, you’ll need to spare a lot of time to try them out and experience how cool they are!


5. Witness the magic of the fireworks. Walt Disney wanted it to be a special kiss goodnight and you cannot think of any better words to describe it either way.

6. Everyone is nice. You get the chance to meet and talk to the most incredible staffs and crews plus they are hands-down amazing at doing their jobs.

7. Live acting shows. They provide the best quality acting skills and techniques plus the technology they use is bomb!

8. You notice that everyone, no matter how old they already are, is young at heart.

9. You get the chance to reminisce about the old days. When you see the little kids experiencing the same joy you feel when you are as young as them, warms your heart and makes you think of going back.

10. You can meet your long-time favorite Princesses. Growing up made you realize that they are people dressed up as Highness. But you still cannot hide the giddiness that your heart feels.

11. You have a lot of great food options. Disneyland offers a variety of good food plus good service.

12. You feel the beat. The music following your ears all around because of the speakers placed almost everywhere will change so much of your perspective about the theme park.

It only gets better with age whether it is the fireworks, the characters, the rides or whatever it is at Disneyland that you are up to — it’s true that it is the happiest place on Earth. For Additional details visit here