CBD Oil Pills: How Much Can You Take?

Before you come up with this page, you’ve probably heard or read about the amazing health benefits of CBD. But the question is, how much is the recommended dosage you can take?

Cannabidiol, or most commonly known as CBD, is one of the most active substances that can be found on the cannabis plant like hemp and marijuana. These active substances are known as cannabinoids, which can affect a human’s body in several ways.

For the peace of mind of many, CBD is not the same with THC. CBD is not a psychoactive component that can make you high. Instead, many experts, scientists, and researchers suggested that CBD oil can help with these medical conditions:

  • Help reduces the sign of depression and anxiety
  • It can improve a person’s sleeping pattern
  • Lessen seizure in people who suffer from epilepsy
  • Treat pain and inflammation
  • Can help to improve a person’s heart condition
  • It can reduce symptoms of IBD or inflammatory bowel disease.

No matter what kind of health condition you’re trying to cure with CBD, giving this medicine to a person requires an appropriate dosage to function, or else, it might not work.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to identify how much dosage you’ll need for the CBD to take effect. CBD is not yet regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so there’s no official recommended dosage for this medicine.

But here’s what you need to know on how you can figure out the appropriate CBD dosage that is right for you.

How to Figure Out the Appropriate CBD Dosage

The dosage of CBD you’re allowed to take may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The current health condition you’re treating
  • Your current body weight
  • The percentage or concentration of CBD in each cbd oil pills, drops, gummies, or capsules
  • Your body chemistry.

In short, there are factors that you need to consider before deciding on how much CBD you should take. However, before trying to use CBD, make sure to talk with your doctor first about the appropriate dosage you should consider and its potential risks (if any).

If your doctor state how much you’re going to take, stick with your doctor’s recommendation. This is crucial if you’re taking other prescription medication that also contains CBD, like Epidiolex, a drug used for seizure.

In the case that your doctor doesn’t provide any dosage recommendation, it is advisable to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase it to an appropriate level. You could start with 20 to 40mg daily. Then, after a week, you can increase the dosage by 5mg. Continue with this dosage until you feel the effect is effectively treating and reducing your symptoms.

Steps to Calculate CBD Dosage

Other CBD products like gummies, cbd oil pills, and capsules will tell you how much it is in a single serving. Like for example, the packaging indicates that there are 5mg of CBD per pill.

But if you’re using CBD as an oil, most likely it’ll come in a dropper bottle, where you can measure it. Also, the packaging may indicate how much CBD component is present on a single drop. From there, you can identify how many tears you’re going to use.

Usually, it’s harder to identify how much CBD you need in one drop, because the packaging specifies the accumulated total amount of CBD in the whole bottle and not the amount on the single drop.